Friday, September 17, 2010

A dream is just started to come true :)

The new academic year in the college am working in just started last week.

Students came back after a long summer vacation - most of them as usual were hoping to get more days because of the Eid break - but it didn't and everybody had to start on Monday.

Also we have the new batch high school graduates who start a new step in their life - it just makes me very so happy to see all those girls starting looking for a successful future.

BUT the most amazing wonderful thing happened for me this year is that I started Teaching :)

I am so happy even it is only 1 section and I am under training for 1 year am still very very happy.

Alhamdeallah a dream is just started to come true and Inshallah it will be the dream that fully comes true

All I need now is to work really hard to prove that I deserve this and Allah Inshallah will make this dream comes true.

Pray for me :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Night of Destiny

Ramadan is coming to its end - 4 more days and we will say goodbye to such amazing month and wonderful inspiring time that you really find your innersole and get to be closer to Allah.

Today is Lylat Al Qader ( Night of Destiny/Power ), Night better than a thousand months, The night which Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed PBUH, The night that Allah answer all Muslims Du'aa and prayers.

Inshallah Allah accept from all of us and bless all Muslims all over the world in this blessed month " Ramadan "