Tuesday, January 3, 2012


How awkward entering this New Year and I feel so so different about myself. I seriously noticed that the past 3 new years in my life were different. Yet this year I feel kinda of peaceful and quiet in term of emotions on the personal level.

Nothing much happened for me the last year, yet the few changes/things that happened considered being huge steps in my life AlhamdAllah. I managed to move to teaching, and I am having the most amazing time, even though it is a real hardworking, but once am in class with my students I forget everything and have a wonderful time with them. I also managed to start my doctorate program which will cost me 4/5 years of my life, and for sure it is the worst hardworking ever, yet I am enjoying my time and Inshallah will manage to finish with success. However, THE most important thing in my whole life is that I managed to go for Umrah and had the most amazing unbelievable time AlhamdAllah.

People used to put plans for New Year and give promises of things they will do/achieve, and I used to be that way ! However, this year I won’t !

I will just wish myself a good, happy, lucky and successful year and will let things happen as Allah planed for me. Yet, one thing I will just plan for it, and will work hard for it which is being closer to Allah than ever Inshallah.

Wish you all a good, happy, lucky and successful year.