Friday, September 17, 2010

A dream is just started to come true :)

The new academic year in the college am working in just started last week.

Students came back after a long summer vacation - most of them as usual were hoping to get more days because of the Eid break - but it didn't and everybody had to start on Monday.

Also we have the new batch high school graduates who start a new step in their life - it just makes me very so happy to see all those girls starting looking for a successful future.

BUT the most amazing wonderful thing happened for me this year is that I started Teaching :)

I am so happy even it is only 1 section and I am under training for 1 year am still very very happy.

Alhamdeallah a dream is just started to come true and Inshallah it will be the dream that fully comes true

All I need now is to work really hard to prove that I deserve this and Allah Inshallah will make this dream comes true.

Pray for me :)


Rummy said...

Mabrook 7abibti. I'm so very happy for you..!! Do post on your teaching escapades and all. I'd love to read more ;)

Hamdy Elgammal said...

Congratulations Stormy, you deserve it =D [Egyptian-accent time!] Yalla 3o2bal ma teb2y Professor Stormy =D