Sunday, July 11, 2010

Emirati men shun women who study abroad

Emirati men shun women who study abroad

Reading this article made me so annoyed and felt so sorry to still have such mentality !
What the hell with stereotyping Emarati Women who study aboard to be not fit as a wife ! Who the hell give Emarati guys such authority to decide such thing !

Why we don’t think of the version of the story and look for the Emarati guys studying aboard version – are the fit to be good husbands ???

I can see that Emarati guys ( not all of them to be realistic ) feel threatened by any successful woman and all they want to see is a low self esteem woman who is always depending on them and follow them ! They feel fraid of an independent, successful, educated, have a voice and opinion, and have a very high self esteem woman.

I am so sorry to tell you guys – find your courage to do even ½ what those ladies managed to do and be brave enough managed to achieve what Emarati women have achieved.


rosh said...

Nicely said. God bless you Stormy.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell give Emarati guys such authority to decide such thing !

So let me understand, a man doenst have the right to choose his wife? Is that what you are saying.

Its a rather simple issue. A man doesnt want ANY chance of a whore for a wife. He CHOOSES, HE HAS A CHOICE, HE CHOOSES not to marry one who has lived outside of the UAE.

That is HIS choice.

The giwls also have choices. they can CHOOSE to go to the US, study, be seen as whores, and never get married.

OR they can CHOOSE not to, and be seen as decent women, and get married.

I believe that people should be able to CHOOSE their partners. I see you dont. sad.

Rosh, you sound like a hippy.

Aisha said...

Thanx Stormy for the topic.

For the second commente, is every women who travel abroad wither for study or business is whore???
منطق عجيب... لماذا تطلق هذه الصفه على المرأة لا على الرجل من يتغرب للعلم..
ومن يتزوج بأجنبيه، هل يتزوجها فتاه عذراء ؟؟؟

نرجو الارتقاء بالطرح وعدم ظلم أي طرف

Khaled Latif said...

I totally agree with you young lady... that is not fair you desreve the best... on begalf of the good men,

Khaled Latif said...

I am totally agree with you young lady... That is not fair at all.
You deserve the best... on behalf of the rest of good men,

Anonymous said...

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