Thursday, June 10, 2010

The World Cup 2010

With The World Cup around the corner this weekend and the best football teams fighting for glory; there are other type of teams who will go through another type of fighting for life !
Sports fans will be full scheduled for around month for more than 100 hours of TV time with their argument “ It is a once every four years ! “ But what effects will the World Cup have on relationships with everybody around those fans ???

To what extend do you think relationships might be damaged/scratched with most of the fans timing is with The Cup and their families, friends, relatives, colleagues, and others who have no interested in the game ???

A friend of mine took his annual leave from work and told me – as a jock, which I doubt ! – not to call him starting June 11th until July 11th !!!

My advice to you is to try your best and be engaged in the game at least from the news side to have a discussion channel when there are no games taking place “ if you can’t beat them – join them ! “. You also can start have your schedule of things you wanted to do long time ago and have now time because being committed with other plans because you will have a month timeline to finish it with a “ YES go ahead “ green light from the Footy Lovers.

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